We were helped by so many people who became good friends in the course of our adventure, and we are happy to say they remain so. Many are pictured on other pages; others somehow seem to have slipped through our photographic net and we have no pictorial record in the album of our years in Collelungo that we cherish so much. However, here are some snaps of a few more victims we happen to have captured.

We owe our heartfelt gratitude to everyone for their support and friendship  — not least the 700 or so visitors who were coming each year to share our little corner of Chianti as paying guests. Getting to know them was as enriching an experience for us as we hope was their exposure to life on the farm and the cultural delights of Tuscany in general.

Several became long-term customers, returning year after year. We'll never forget the delightful comment one such couple wrote in our guest book. 

'Tony and Mira, you never fail to disappoint.'

Thanks, everyone!